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Oil on Canvas
36" x  36"
"Painting Mystery"
My work is a choreography of the unique physical forms in nature, and an expression of the ephemeral and transformative energy in the universe. I visualize a dynamic universe - an entity that imprints its language on all its surfaces. When I layer the paint, I think about beginnings, of antediluvian worlds, or about the way nature carves the earth's crust or core to create form. My paintings, therefore, reflect the passage of time. They are also concerned with mysterious, non linear realities of the spirit world and my own dream world where memories of ancient origins incubate and eventually emerge. Thus, volcanic eruptions, bursting particle filled clouds, shifting strata, mysterious creatures, and fossilized objects are the excavated images of my canvases.

Most recently I have been painting my perceptions of the Hudson River where I walk everyday toward the Battery. I am deeply affected by its evolution and capacity for renewal (especially after 9/11) and the fact that birds and fish are returning. I am aware of the river's ever-changing light, rhythm, and color affected by weather, tides, and seasons. It is a voice that translates into form and color on my canvases. Ultimately, I want to engage viewers in a visceral way through the materiality of paint and the essence of color and draw them into my intuitive world.

"I'm impressed with the intensity of the...imagery...indications of a magnificent energy level!" -- Elaine Dekooning, 1986

"Brodsky's large, brightly hued canvases engage viewers on a visceral level, directing them to the artist's intuitive world." -- William Stover, Curator The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Sotheby's connection with NYFA, 2001 (Catalog)